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Melissani Cave, Greece

Melissani caves in Kefalonia are located about 10 km from Argostoli and 2 km Sami, in the east coast of Kefalonia (Cefalonia). The caves are surrounded by forests, while a mountain slope is located to the west of them. In mythology, Melissani was the cave of the Nymphs.

Melissani cave is the most spectacular lake on the island. The cave is 100 meters long and the lake takes about one third of its length. It was first discovered in 1951 and was opened for the public in 1963.

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Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach, can be found on the Northwest side of Zakynthos Island, which is in turn off the West coast of Greece. Because the isolated beach is home to the wrecked smuggler ship Panagiotis it is also referred to as Smuggler’s Cove. The picturesque white sand beach is only accessible by boat. Tourists can catch a boat from the capital city of Zakynthos, Porto Vromi to the South, or from Saint Nikolas in Volimes to the Northeast. The Panagiotis was an alleged smuggler ship that was transporting illegal cigarettes when it wrecked in 1983. Navagio Beach is the least crowded in the months of May and November, and the best time to go is in the morning. Since the beach is so popular, many tourists opt to rent a car and simply enjoy the spectacular view of the beach from the top of the hill.

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